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Who we are – Purchasing Manager Ed Smith

Posted in What's New by Kate Whittemore

He’s been here forever, he’s the grumbling grizzly bear that occasionally climbs down out of his den after some busy months of placing winter buys or making show orders, and steps back into the sales position. Ed Smith grew up with a background in the grocery business, he has dabbled in owning and operating his own store, but luckily he found his way back to Home Central almost two decades ago.

For years customers in Vestal knew Ed as the manager, a position he was literally thrown into when that location was purchased. Ed was young, well younger then, but he still has the motivation to make the company strong today that he had all those years ago. Today Ed spends hours every day monitoring inventory levels, watching sales, calling vendors and placing orders, plus he still makes his way to the sales floor to help customers with their home repair projects and he is a strong force on our management team.

Ed and his wife Kelly raised three children and are now enjoying life as grandparents. Besides spending time with his family, Ed is an avid golfer and a member of the Smithboro Masonic Lodge. Ed has passed some of the building knowledge down to his kids, and now his sons and son-in-law work in the construction industry. Self pride is something that I would say Ed and Kelly successfully instilled their kids and Ed’s pride in his work is evident.

A significant person in my life and a team player that our company relies on, Ed is someone, I think, all of the staff at Home Central, in one way or another, look up to. Thank you Ed, for all that you do, despite your occasionally grizzly demeanor!

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