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Posted in What's New by Kate Whittemore

  True Stack Plygem
The first of several new products is Ply Gem’s Stone Veneer called True Stack.

While there are 7 colors available and many other profiles to choose from, Home Central is stocking 2 colors of the True Stack veneer stone, Flint and Plygem flintplygem tuscaroraTuscarora. While the pictures don’t do the colors justice, one has more of a bluestone look and the other has more rust/red in the color palate.

This veneer is a great solution for interior fireplaces and accent walls, but can be installed indoors or out. Weighing less than half the weight of real stone, this product is much easier to install and doesn’t require the footings and ledges necessary for real stone.

If you are interested please stop by and view a brochure or sample. We look forward to helping you!



Another new masonry supply in-stock at Home Central is Onondaga Dry Mix.

Onondaga is a pre-mixed professional grade mortar that is finer than our other mortar products. Several customers requested we bring this product in and many more have asked about it, so now you can stop by and pick it up right in Owego.

New roofing color, as well as Hip & Ridge in-stock.

Recently we brought in a truckload of IKO’s new Patriot Slate Cambridge shingles. Many of our roofing customers were waiting for this new color and now it has arrived. Patriot Slate has the historical look that many people in the Northeast are looking for.

Similarly many customers have waited for us to bring in a hip and ridge product and now we have added that as well. Hip and RidgeIko’s Hip & Ridge 12, makes a roofer’s job much easier. With a perforated design you can now get 3 pieces out of one shingle without the hassle of cutting each individual piece.


Looking for a product we don’t have? Ask one of our salespeople and we can special order or begin stocking it for you. Chances are, you aren’t the only person in need of that item!






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