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Kitchen Design Can Rock Your World

Posted in What's New by Kate Whittemore
Sirgani Kitchen

People often think of the kitchen design process as a matter of dimensions, budget and needs, but a good kitchen designer will look at so much more!

The right designer will take into account the space, budget, frequency or type of usage, style influences, natural lighting and especially how flow can suit your needs.

If all of those words, like style influence or flow, sound like “blah, blah, blah” in your head, stop right now and rethink how you use your kitchen, or how you would use it if the space was designed properly.

Recently, I was able to participate in the design of my own kitchen, and it was an interesting experience. All of the pictures of gorgeous kitchens are great, but if you or your kitchen designer don’t take fully into account the usage and flow of your kitchen, then you may be throwing lots of $$ down the drain.

A good kitchen designer, and at Home Central we have a couple, will talk to you about how much and what kind of cooking you do, whether you do a lot of entertaining, who in your family uses the kitchen, and how they use it, plus what collections you may have that you would like to showcase, what styles speak to you and how much natural light you want to bathe your kitchen in.

Recently Hamilton Cadwell, our Vestal store manager and kitchen designer, worked with the Sirgani family to design their kitchen, wet-bar and dinning room cabinets. After taking a look at this design it would be hard to not fall in love with this kitchen, plus it becomes quite obvious that the Sirgani’s are great entertainers!

Sirgani KitchenSirgani DiningSirgani wet bar


It can become easy to fall prey to the ease of installation, or try to squeeze one more small cabinet into a tight spot that may affect flow or light, but a good designer can go a long way toward working with you and your contractor to weigh the pros and cons of each decision. Plus that designer will hopefully have enough experience to be able to help mediate between your needs and the desires of your contractor (whether that be your spouse or someone you hire.)

Take my range and vent hood, for instance. I knew where I wanted it, but that location made venting the hood a difficult task. My contractor was concerned about how the venting would fit, the plumber wasn’t happy with the location either and everyone asked “why can’t you move it to a different spot or use a recirculating hood?”

Well, I knew, as did my designer, who also happened to be Hamilton, and my appliance supplier (another Home Central employee), that with a gas top on my range, a vent-less hood was not a wise choice. Plus we knew that for good flow in the space, the range needed to stay put. Thus I kept the hood I wanted, kept the stove in the same spot and the adjacent bathroom wall became 6″ instead of 4″.

This cost me more in labor and the venting was still troublesome in the 6″wall with plumbing and getting that vent to the right spot on the exterior of the house. Plus it meant that I had to purchase a different toilet for the adjacent bathroom due to the placement of the drain and changes to the depth of the wall. Despite these extra expenses, I am happy I stuck to my guns and kept the range where we initially planned. I am extremely happy with the flow in my kitchen, from each appliance to where my work space is and how easy it is to access everything I need quickly and easily.

Plus the best thing… we made sure to keep my fridge (with ice and water) on the outskirts of the kitchen so that my husband and sons could easily access it without interrupting me each and every time they need a drink. Those kind of decisions make life in this kitchen much easier than it was when my kitchen was the thruway from my dining room to the living room.


Everyone talks about the increased value in your home after a kitchen remodel, but the real value comes with how much an improved design can rock your world!


Life in a busy home can be much better when you can use your kitchen to serve YOUR needs. If you are looking to resell quickly, sure take into account the appeal to buyers, but if you plan to be in the home for the long haul, consider upgrading the flow and efficiency of your kitchen with the help of a designer.

At Home Central our design services are free and you will be pleasantly surprised that our cabinet prices are extremely competitive! Let an expert help you use your kitchen better than you ever have before. You may be surprised at how much space you really have when you have the right cabinets to fit your lifestyle.

Many thanks to the Sirgani family and JRA Construction for allowing us to share their kitchen and thank you for your recent kitchen and appliance purchases with Home Central!

Maybe someday Hamilton can pester me enough to clean up the kids’ art projects and get the dirty dishes out of my own kitchen long enough to share some pictures with our online followers.




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