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store history 008 Donald Gowan purchased the building and inventory previously owned by B.J. Patch Building Supply in August of 1973 and created Owego Promart Home Center in Owego, New York. Donald’s son, Aaron Gowan, joined the business in 1975. The business expanded when Don and Aaron established Candor Home Center in 1981 and purchased Vestal Lumber in 1985.

In 1994 the three location names were unified as Home Central. That same year the  Owego store was moved to it’s present 42,000 sq. ft. location. The building contains a 15,000 sq. ft. showroom and a 27,000 sq. ft. drive-through warehouse.

In 2002 the Vestal store  was completely upgraded with a new 10,000 sq. ft. store and an attached 12,000 sq. ft. drive-through warehouse.

Aaron’s daughter Kate joined the company full-time in 2004 and became a partial owner in 2005. An additional 20,000 sq. ft. storage warehouse was constructed in 2005 at the Owego location. In 2009 Home Central experienced another change, the Owego store was renovated inside and out. The renovations include new displays, more products and an inviting new appearance.

Once again in 2010 the Vestal store began another transformation. First the exterior underwent some major changes and in 2011 the interior grandopenof the store was also upgraded.

So Why Chose Home Central for your home improvement projects :

Knowledge and experienced staff, over half our staff have been here 10 years or more and over a ¼ have been here 15-20+, we don’t have a lot of part-time inexperienced help. We offer ongoing training for all staff members. Most of our salespeople have an existing specialty and that is part of the reason they were hired. For instance Paul knows plumbing and electrical inside and out, Wanda and Diane are our primary paint experts, Chuck knows building materials and plumbing, Ed and Russ are electrical experts, Joel and Ryan know appliances, etc.

We never push for sales, no commissioned sales people, just one-on-one attention to the needs and wants of our customers. If we can find a better, cheaper way to solve their problem or finish their project without having them buy the expensive product they are looking for, then we will suggest those cheaper alternatives.

We listen to our customers, both for the current sale and for future sales. New products we sell are primarily the result of contractors and experienced DIY homeowners requesting or even just mentioning their interest in those products. Our customers have their feet in the trenches and know which brands are good, which are affordable and what new products they are curious to learn more about. But we also research the products before we stock them and make sure they are truly good quality. We respect our customers and respect their opinion.

We stay on top of having current technology- online account management, inventory and special order maintenance software-  to make sales happen more efficiently, Kitchen design software etc. We also attend trade shows to stay on top of innovations and watch commodity related issues like product shortages and price increases.

We offer several types of delivery options depending on the product, the job site and how much our customers want to spend.

Our Owego and Vestal locations have a drive-thru warehouse to make loading and unloading very efficient and customers can stay right in their car while they get loaded.

We keep the home-town hardware feel, but carry a lot of depth in our building materials departments which allows us to supply whole house builds and large commercial jobs. We have about 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space to stock lots of materials for large construction projects.

We also belong to several large buying cooperatives to keep our buying power strong and we manage our purchases to buy as much in truckload or bulk orders as possible to keep prices down. This involvement in buying cooperatives gives us good product assortments and allows for special orders of almost anything.

Local, community minded, a family atmosphere.

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