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DIY – Painted Mason Jars

Posted in What's New by Kate Whittemore
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Simple, quick and really cute!

At Home Central we are surrounded by masculine things, dirt, grease, lumber, steel, burps and farts, but when I asked some of our paint experts to do a slightly more girly craft project involving mason jars the end result was much more feminine!

These mason jars are simple to make and the supplies could make you a wedding’s worth of decorative centerpieces.

mason jars3

To make these painted jars you will need:

Mason Jars or any decorative clear glass containers ($13.99 for a case of quart jars)

Quart of flat paint or leftovers from another project ($10.99 – free)

1 1/2″ Chip Brush ($0.89)

Sandpaper 100 Grit ($0.79)

Clear Coat ($3.49)

The Paint Ladies chose quart jars for this project, but you could use any decorative glass jar or smaller pints or half-pints. If you are using old jars make sure they are super clean, as any oily residue will cause problems with the paint adhering.  The Ladies also decided to use some variation in color, from cream to bright pink and even a pale shade of lavender for one of the jar collars.

Flat latex paint was used and mixed to the specific colors they chose, but you could use remnants of paints from past projects or ask one of the Paint Ladies if we have any mis-mixed colors on sale.

Using a 1 1/2″ chip brush the Paint Ladies did one light coat over the entire exterior of the jars. Since you are using such a light coat of paint it is possible to paint the bottom of the jar, flip and paint the top without the need for any drying time (remember we are scuffing the paint later so some missing paint isn’t going to hurt anything.) Or you could flip the jars mason jar4over a beer bottle and then paint the bottoms. The Ladies let the jars dry overnight and then sanded the high spots on the jars very lightly with a fine sandpaper.

While the intial plan involved spraying a clear satin finish over the jars, the Paint Ladies decided to leave the dull flat finish alone because it had more of the rustic look they were going for. The Paint Ladies also decided to do the same treatement to the jar collars in contrasting colors.

Think of a rustic wedding with wildflower bouqets or smaller half-pint jars with q-tips and cotton balls sitting on your bathroom counter. Or how about some wooden spoons or spatulas set out for bridal shower favors. The possibilities are endless!

Despite the grumbles about our project from many of the male staffers at Home Central,  we hope you enjoy! If you need help with this project or any project the Paint Ladies or any of our Paint Experts are more than willing to help.

mason jars3


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