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Lumber and Building Materials

Lumber and Building MaterialsWhy waste time searching for lumber and building materials at the big box stores only to find yourself lugging your purchases around and trying to load them in your vehicle? You could make a quick stop at a Home Central building supplies store, order your products, drive through our warehouse and have someone load it for you. Yes, we will do that!
Dimensional lumber, plywood, siding and drywall products, all at competitive prices and quality that can’t be beat. From 2×4’s to diamond finish plaster, we have it all! We stock a wide variety of products by USG, from their Sheetrock® brand gypsum panels to their mold resistant products, tapes, trim, mud and even ceiling tiles. Plus we have a huge selection of plywood, from tongue and groove sheathing to marine grade and hardwood plywood, luaun and even T1-11.
Beyond the basic sheathing products we also stock many innovative products by Huber, such as their ZIPsystem™ for wall or roof sheathing. Many professionals use the ZIPsystem™ once and never use anything else! Beyond exterior sheathing, we also stock Huber’s AdvanTech® products to make your flooring system as durable as you want it.
Need help engineering a roof or flooring system, just ask! We can get you the trusses or flooring system that’s right for your project and delivered directly to your job site. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you through the project from start to finish, from the first stud to the last piece of molding, we can help you find what you need.

Here is a small list of some of the items we sell:
-Framing lumber, metal studs, drywall, tape and trims.
-Medium, lightweight or fast dry joint compound, stipple and durabond products.
-Basecoat, diamond finish plaster, gauging plaster and finish lime.
-Vinyl siding, cedar shakes, T1-11,Hardie Plank, Smart Side, Insulate siding and trailer skirting.
-Mahogany, birch, maple, cherry, bahama or oak plywood.
-Medium or high density fiberboard, melamine, particle board, peg board and Duratuff.
-Interior and exterior sheathings of various grades, plus specialty products like concrete form plywood
-Laminated beams, trusses and joists.
-Pine, cedar, oak and rough sawn lumber.
-Primed and unprimed moldings or pine boards, plus Paylite PVC trim boards.
-Pre-finished wood flooring, ceiling grids and tiles, plus decorative paneling.

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