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Lawn and garden

Lawn & gardenDon’t worry about making an extra stop at the garden center, save yourself time and browse through our lawn and garden department. Our building supplies product store also have pet supplies, fencing hardware and even grilling gear. No matter the season, we have the right products at the right price and knowledgeable staff to help you hone your green thumb.
We understand how important the exterior of your home can be, and to help you maintain your house and its surroundings, we stock high quality lawn and garden tools, pest control products and outdoor décor items. Seasonally we add various supplies to make your life easier, like snow blowers, sprinklers, seeds and salt. Love to decorate? We stay on top of the trends and keep lots of outdoor holiday décor items in stock! We search for the best quality, affordable items to make your yard an enjoyable extension of your home.
Need help controlling an insect problem, or want assistance finding the right grass seed for your situation? We can help! Our service team has a love of the outdoors and years of gardening experience to help you master your next outdoor project. We can help you find the right solution for an invasion of ants or we can talk you through replacing your trimmer line, no matter the job, we are here to help!

-Mowers, trimmers, edgers and leaf blowers
-Grass seed, fertilizer, Winterizer, weed control and spreaders
-Landscape fabric, tree wrap, edging products and mulch
-Spades, hoes, tillers and pruners
-Stone rakes, leaf rakes, bow rakes and roof rakes
-Picks, shovels, axes and mauls
-Cat litter, leashes, pet beds and brushes
-Flags, thermometers, weather stations and rain gauges
-Pots, planters, potting soil and plant food
-Stakes, tomato cages, garden twine and Velcro ties
-Bug spray, beetle traps, baits and lures
-Hoses, nozzles, fittings and sprayers
-Electric fencing, posts, handles and insulators
-Grills, charcoal, tongs and brushes
-Chairs, bistro sets, storage sheds and privacy fence
-Garden benches, tool caddies, gloves and knee pads
-Rock salt, ice melt, sand and snow pushers

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