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Automotive Supplies

automotive suppliesJust one more reason to shop local, automotive supplies right around the corner at any Home Central Store!  We not only  carry building supplies, but you can save yourself an extra stop at the automotive supply store and grab items for those minor repairs or maintenance right here at your local home center.

Our customers take pride in their homes and that pride extends to their vehicles, so we stock a wide variety of minor repair parts, cleaning supplies and maintenance products. From tail lights to tire gauges, brake cleaner to bike tubes, we have a selection of products to help weekend warriors take care of their rides. Whether you drive a Schwinn bicycle or a Dodge pickup, we can help!

We stock a wide selection of lubricants, from motor oil to lithium grease, plus trailer supplies and automotive accessories. Seasonal deals on items like windshield washer fluid, motor oil and antifreeze that can’t be beat and the same courteous staff that can help you build a new home will also help you find the right ball for your trailer hitch. Convenient products at the right price…yeah, we’ve got that!

Here are some of the items we stock:

-Bungees, tie straps, receiver pins and clips.

-Taillights, bulbs, wiring kits and reflectors.

-Hitches, trailer locks, cargo nets and winches.

-Jack stands, oil pans, shop towels and booster cables.

-Wire, fuses, power inverters and battery chargers.

-Tire gauges, repair kits, sealant and pumps.

-License plate hardware, bike tubes, heater hose, v-belts, grease guns and fittings.

-Brake cleaner, antifreeze, washer fluid, fuel treatments and power steering fluid.

-Motor oil of every type and various brands.

-Fiberglass repair products, rear view mirror adhesive and accessories for your automotive electronics

-Shop towels, polishing cloths, bug remover and specialty cleaners from brands like Evapo-Rust, Armor All and Turtle Wax.

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